This dessert fascinates us, it has a delicate, fresh flavor, and it is made in a jiffy, the recipe was kept for a long time and finally today saw the light. I saw her AURO instead of put in flaneras made a cake, that to taste of each.
Rice if we do not have the thermomix , we have to have a good robot or an electric coffee grinder, so that the rice is well ground. I LOVE IT !!!


200 g of sugar
80 g of rice
3 eggs
800 g of semi-skim milk
1 pinch of cinnamon
Lemon rind (only the yellow part)
2 sheets of gelatin
Liquid caramel


We put the gelatine leaves in soaking.
With the sugar we make icing sugar at vel. 5-10 about 15 seconds.
Add the rice and spray 1 minute 1/2 vel.5-10.
Grate and add the lemon zest.
Add milk, eggs and a pinch of ground cinnamon .
Program 17 min. temp. 100º, vel 4,5 (do not remove time and put the milk at room temperature). (before finishing the cooking add the jelly) .
We introduce the mixture in flaneras with liquid caramel. We let cool in the refrigerator a few hours desmolda and serves. DELICIOUS !!

You can put the one that comes prepared or doing it, which is what I like the most. I do it in the vitro but it can also be done in the microwave.
75 g of sugar
5 tablespoons of water
We put the sugar and water in a saucepan, place it in the glass and when it starts to take color we separate it from the heat source, otherwise it would pass us and it would stay very burned, if this happens we should discard this and start again ..